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From: Hawaiian Joe
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Hawaiian Joe's Blogging

Hawaiian Joe's
Business Practices and Philosophy's

  • Integrity: Make Us Trustworthy!
  • Wholeness: Includes Spirituality!
  • Faith: Is Trusting God!
  • Purpose: Brings Us To Work!
  • Diversity: Enhances Unity!
  • Community: Goes Beyond Self-Interest!
  • Privacy: Is More Than The Law!
  • Heritage: Calls Us To Be Whole People!
  • Leadership: Is What We All Do!
  • Teamwork: Gets It Done Right!
  • Mission: Drives Every Decision!
  • Commitment: Makes Our Work A Joy!
  • Communication: Is Open And Honest!
  • Growth: Happens Every Day!
  • Collaboration: Makes Us Authentic Partners!
  • Service: Is At The Center Of Everything We Do!
  • Improvement: Begins Right Here - Right Now!
  • Quality: Is A Journey!
  • Vision: Brings Purpose To Our Work!

Hawaiian Joe

Hawaii's Rolls-Royce Copywriter & Network Marketer

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