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Hawaiian Joe's
Business Practices and Philosophy's

  • Integrity: Make Us Trustworthy!
  • Wholeness: Includes Spirituality!
  • Faith: Is Trusting God!
  • Purpose: Brings Us To Work!
  • Diversity: Enhances Unity!
  • Community: Goes Beyond Self-Interest!
  • Privacy: Is More Than The Law!
  • Heritage: Calls Us To Be Whole People!
  • Leadership: Is What We All Do!
  • Teamwork: Gets It Done Right!
  • Mission: Drives Every Decision!
  • Commitment: Makes Our Work A Joy!
  • Communication: Is Open And Honest!
  • Growth: Happens Every Day!
  • Collaboration: Makes Us Authentic Partners!
  • Service: Is At The Center Of Everything We Do!
  • Improvement: Begins Right Here - Right Now!
  • Quality: Is A Journey!
  • Vision: Brings Purpose To Our Work!


Dear Internet Marketer Associate:

Are you looking for great products to sell on the Internet?

Want to avoid researching and hunting down products to sell for your on-line programs?

Can’t find or create enough products to maximize revenues from your online subscriber list?

It’s a fact that lack of quality products can be a major barrier to achieving financial independence through your Internet marketing business.

Fortunately, it’s a barrier my Associate Program can help you surmount – quickly, easily, and with no cost or obligation of any kind.

An “instant product line” for your online business.

As a member of the Hawaiian Joe Publishing Associate Program, you don’t have to undergo the massive research, writing, and production effort it takes to create a truly superb line of products to sell your customers.

You can make great money by selling my e-book products to your online subscribers … starting literally today with absolutely no cost whatsoever!

My product line focuses on these topic areas:

  • Gift Shop Product Marketing.
  • Freelance writing
  • Copywriting.
  • Marketing.
  • Selling.
  • Public Relations.
  • Advertising.
  • Lead generation.
  • Online marketing
  • Succeeding as an independent consultant or contractor.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Wealth-building.
I also have a number of health-related e-books for consumers on topics ranging from Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial Flutter, living with a colostomy, treating heart disease, and topics such as "The Joint Commission Change."

Today I'm introducing you to my e-book Product Marketing. As we progress in our relationship I'll introduce to you my entire product line.

Low prices your customers will love!

Especially if you are new to Internet marketing, buyers on your list may not respond well to high-priced offers selling big-ticket products for $1,000 and up.

But your customers will snap up my products, and one reason is that the prices are modest, giving buyers a great value for their money.

Most of my products range from gifts selling from $1.99 to $250.00 and e-books selling for a little as $3 but most are in the $29 to $49 range.

Most of these products come with valuable bonus gifts – either special reports, free gifts, or both. These cost you nothing … and deliver even more value and satisfaction to your customers.

In addition, I am continually expanding my product line, so there’s always something new to sell to your subscribers.

We currently have half several thousand products in our gift warehouse and dozens of e-books in the works. I’m also expanding into some video products on DVD. And I may soon begin offering tele-seminars priced reasonably per event.

Biggest commissions in the business!

I don’t offer the wimpy 25% or less other marketers give their partners or affiliate buyers.

If you make the sale, I feel you and I should profit equally. That’s why you get a 50% commission – half the product profit price – on every sale you make as my associate.

I want to be very clear here so there will be no misunderstanding. This offer as my Gift Shop Associate does not mean that you get 50% of the retail price of the item sold. What it does mean is that you get 50% of profit from the sale.

For example, 95+% of the products listed in my catalogs have a cost to me of approximately 33% of the retail price quotes. This is my cost associated with purchasing these products and storing them in a warehouse to ship to both my and your future customers.

This is how that most of all my gift shop product line is priced in my World of Products catalog. If it's retail priced at $10.00 then my cost associated with that product is approximately  $3.33 - that's leaves a profit margin of $6.67 for me to share with my associates.

This gives you $3.33 or more on the sale of a $10 product.

Live commission example as a Hawaiian Joe Associate!

Ok. Let's walk through a real live example to see if you've got my meaning on how you get 50% of the commissions being paid as a Hawaiian Joe Gift Shop Associate.

After you register as my associate you will receive a unique tracking code to place on your website or in your emails that identifies you and or your business. One of your customers arrives at your website or notices in one of your emails this Baby Girl Prayer Cross displayed saliently in your communication media.

Click on this link to open a new window Baby Girl Prayer Cross and tell me what your approximate commission is that you will be paid if your shopper or customers buys this product.

My cost associated with this product is $4.95. What is your commission? If you answered $5.00 you now understand how my Gift Shop Associate program works.

The retail price is $14.95 that is displayed for the Baby Girl Prayer Cross. My cost associated with buying and stocking this product is approximately 33% of $14.95 ($4.95). This leaves me $10.00 to share 50/50 with my Associates with this one simple sale. Plus, there are thousands of other products for your customers to choose from.

Remember the old saying: "I'd rather have 1% of the profits from the efforts of 100 people than to have 100% of the profits from the efforts of myself?" Well, that's why I make the amount of money I do on the internet and in other endeavors. I believe in rewarding people fairly for their efforts.

My formula for success if simply this. I spend an enormous amount of time and energy to produce programs and products. If I have 1 million people as an Associate, and each of those 1 million Associates make 1 sale per year at a $2 profit margin only. Then I just made $1 million dollars in simple terms. Why? Because, I believe in sharing 50/50 from the efforts of my Associates.

I ask you once again..... Would you rather have a $1 profit today from the efforts of yourself - or, would you rather have a $1 profit today from the efforts of 100 associates? Which is the common sense approach? The $1 or the $100 approach.... you choose.

My motto is: "Do Good Unto All - You'll Never Regret It". I live by this and have for many years now. If you treat people good and fairly, then you will always win in the long term.

You can view my entire World of Product catalog by clicking here and reviewing it in depth. The entire World of Product catalog consists of approximately 400 pages of products. Simply click the "Next" button to turn the pages.

Yes, you can order these catalogs, print your on private labels "Red Rock Cove Gift Shop" for example and pass them out to your customers in your neighborhood with your address, telephone number, and web address on it and or mail them to your customers afar if that's what you so desire.

We also have blank order forms you can use to place in the catalogs for your customers with your business name, address and website information that you place on.

This gives you the feel and look of owning your own warehouse.

OK. Let’s look at specific ways my Associate Program can help make your Internet marketing business more successful and profitable….

Special Affiliate Offer #1: A FREE GIFT
for your customers worth over $100

You can create enormous goodwill – and cement your relationship with your online subscribers – by giving them valuable content for free.

And now, I've made arrangements to make it easy … because I can supply that free gift to as many of your subscribers as you wish.

Just send the special e-mail you can download here to your entire list.

The e-mail message drives your subscribers to a special Web page where they can “get a FREE Marketing Library of 4 of my friend and colleague, Bob Bly's, most popular special reports worth over $100!”

It’s more than 200 pages of rock-solid how-to marketing guidance.

If you would like to have these valuable products now for yourself, you may get them by clicking the link below:


The retail price of each report is $29. So the total value of all 4 reports is $116. Yet you and your customers get them absolutely free without obligation of any kind!

How To Join The Gift Shop Associate Program

For the more details on this free offer, click on this World Of Products Associate Program link.

While you’re there, why not sign up for the offer … and get the free marketing library for yourself?

Since the marketing library is free, you don’t make a commission on this offer. But you do get, at no cost, a $100 gift to give your customers.

Special Affiliate Offer #2: 100% commission on:
Our Marketing Success Secrets e-book

Our new 52-page e-book, 17 Secrets the World’s Most Successful Marketers Know That Other Marketers Probably Don’t, sells for $29.

But you don’t get a 50% commission on this product. Instead, you get a 100% commission.

That’s right. For this Marketing Secrets e-book, you keep all the money – and make a $29 profit on every copy you sell!

To sign up as an affiliate for this product and keep every penny you earn selling this new e-book, click here now.

Special Affiliate Offer #3: an “instant product
line” paying a big 50% commission

On each product landing page, there is an Affiliate button at the top right of the screen.

Remember, you get a 50% commission on the product price. So for each of our $100 products you sell, we send you a check for $50. Sell 20 units, and you make a thousand bucks!

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Just look at all the advantages you get when you become a Hawaiian Joe Affiliate and sell my information products to your online subscribers and Web site visitors:

  • 90-day unconditional guarantee of satisfaction on all products sold.
  • Affiliate commission of 50% on every product you sell.
  • Instant sales right to more than two dozen information products.
  • Top quality content written and edited by Hawaiian Joe.”
  • No up-front cost or obligation of any kind.

So what are you waiting for?

To begin profiting from the Bob Bly Affiliate Program today, just click on the offers you want to take advantage of now:

Special Affiliate Offer #1: A FREE GIFT
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Special Affiliate Offer #2: 100% commission on:
Our Marketing Success Secrets e-book

Special Affiliate Offer #3: an “instant product
line” paying a big 50% commission


Hawaiian Joe

Hawaii's Rolls-Royce Copywriter & Entrepreneur

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