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Incredible Screen Savers of Maui Hawaii's Haleakala Volcano National Park!

Hawaiian Joe

Let me tell you -- it's not often that you come across affiliate programs that convert even the MOST TARGETED traffic to the tune of almost 9%. But imagine my shock when I sent 463 COMPLETELY UNTARGETED visitors through this particular affiliate program and 41 people signed up (that's 8.85%). Those 41 leads earned me $1476! If you're interested in marketing these gorgeous photographs, then click here!

Aloha Friend,

This was by far one the best converting affiliate programs I'd seen in a long period. I could only speculate that there is a huge market for quality photographs of popular tourist destinations. Take a look at these photographs yourself, and see the quality they project: Haleakala Volcano

In fact, I can promise you that YOU will not pay to much for what I'm offering here in this bundle, for we normally get a minimum of $150 each per photograph. However, with this offer, you're getting 36 photographic screen savers for the low  price of $36 ($1 each) - that's a minimum savings of $5,364 if you were to have bought these photographs individually on our Hawaiian Joe Photography website. (which is what this product is all about: saving our customers big money on these particular products, and making you money when they market them.) Of course, we also have an affiliate avenue available whereby you can market them individually at the regular retail price if you choose to go that route also.

Market this bundled product and we will pay you a whopping 50% commission whenever someone buys these screen savers from your affiliate link. That's $18 that goes into your bank account every time some one downloads these screen savers; and, that's the beauty of this - there is no waiting because you get instant access, immediately after payment, to download these gorgeous photographs.

Curious? You should be. The beauty of this particular affiliate program is that:

  1. Just about everybody loves what it's offering.

  2. Everybody who is into fine visual art would gladly pay less ($1 each) for these fine pieces of art as opposed to $150 or more we normally charge.

People have our photographs enlarged and framed that cost hundreds of dollars that are of the same quality that you're paying $1 each for here; plus, they make a fine addition to your home decorating - if that's what you choose to do with them in addition to using them on your PC.

CHA-CHING!!! The person getting the next fat check could be you...

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Why $36?

Because I like doing it just to help teach newcomers ways that they can use to help their new business succeed in this every changing, demanding environment.

I've been in this business longer than most. My systems career started in 1976 with the United States Air Force. For 35 years I've spent day after day designing new programs, implementing new systems, and teaching people how they work.

Marketing on the internet is extremely tough if you do not know what you're doing, especially if you're planning to succeed. So, I provide tidbits of information, unique products such as this one, and services to all my Business Partners to help them succeed.

I'm only charging $36 for these incredible photographs of one of Maui's most popular tourist destinations, and I'm giving these away at a super reduced cost, for 2 reasons.

  1. $36 puts the products within reach of everybody. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning online shopper.
  2. Anyone who's not serious enough about making money online to invest about 10 minutes of their time with $0 cost into making $18 on every sell are not going to take the time to use this idea, or any other idea laid out in the information I give anyway freely.

But, if you're one of those unique individuals that are serious about making some easy money online, click this "Sign Me Up Now" link.

But that's not the reason you're here. You're here as my guest to learn how to market on your website or through your email with affiliate links. The price is set at $36 for your purposes only - so you can put some cash in your bank account by delivering a super quality product.

You can purchase the Haleakala National Park Screen Savers by Clicking Here.


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